Mary Priestly

Senior Improvement Adviser (South Kent)
The Education People
Diving Deeper into Primary Science
About the Speaker

Mary works within the Primary School Improvement team as Senior Improvement Adviser for South Kent and is the Primary Lead for Training and Development. Before Mary joined The Education People, she had wide-ranging leadership experience in primary education, including 13 years of headship and two executive headteacher roles. Mary believes passionately that every child is unique and deserves an outstanding level of education, this fuels Mary’s motivation for success. As a leader, Mary led school improvement across a wide variety of schools with a focus on staff development and curricular innovation. She has worked with a wide variety of partner organisations including local universities, Teaching Schools, Kent Association of Headteachers, and the Education Endowment Fund, supporting school improvement through the development of collaborative, self-sustaining school groups.

Mary has many specialities, these include:
• system leadership
• developing leadership within schools
• assessment for learning
• curriculum development
• mentoring and coaching
• research based learning
• nurture based provision.

Session Information

‘A high-quality science education provides the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics’ But what does this mean for primary aged pupils specifically? – What should the science curriculum in a primary school look like? – How do we balance the disciplinary elements of a strong science curriculum with substantive knowledge? – What are the foundations of science in early years? Above all, how do we do this and ensure that pupils develop the secure and deep understanding that they need to be successful in their later education?